Remarketing & Retargeting Campaigns

Relevant, Timely, and Highly Targeted Remarketing

Retargeting—also known as remarketing—is an incredibly powerful tool for digital marketing. By keeping track of what users do on your sight after they click your ad, and then keeping tabs on where they go afterward, dedicated remarketing campaigns stay in touch with your most coveted leads and deliver the kind of precisely targeted messaging that will convince them to return.

Great Remarketing Needs Great Creative

It’s important to remember, though, that retargeting is nothing more or less than one more way to target ads. In order for a retargeting initiative to be effective, all the other rules of advertising still apply: the ads need to be good. Your creative needs to speak directly and persuasively to the person seeing it. Ads need to appear at the right time, in the right place. And they need to lead to a page that fulfills the promise of the ad.

Highly Segmented, Powerful Messaging

At Path Interactive, we are marketers first, and that means that we don’t believe in set-it and forget-it retargeting. We develop unique strategies and tactics for each retargeting audience – ensuring that customers are treated differently than prospects. From casual browsers to shopping cart abandoners to longtime customers, we make sure that all your messaging is on target.

With display advertising becoming more and more sophisticated, we are constantly updating our tactics to ensure that we use the most appropriate publisher or mix of publishers for each retargeting strategy, including Google, Facebook, Twitter, adroll, criteo, and others. We vary the ad message by time, by device, by gender, by interest, and any other categories necessary to ensure that the right person is seeing the right ad.

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